Welcome to my blog!

Hello lovely people! My name is Morgen and I am a teenage blogger who loves to have a highlight visible from space. My sister Lynsey (Little Luxuries by Lynsey) is a blogger and has encouraged me to start this site as we both share a common interest in beauty.

This blog is going to be mainly beauty with the odd lifestyle post. If you’re a makeup/skin care/bath and body fan I recommend you follow my blog as I will be talking about varied products and experiences! I thought I would take the time to introduce myself and what better way to do it than by a beauty tag? So lets begin.

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1 // Do you remember your first high-end makeup item?

-Yes! It was Mac Studio Waterweight foundation! Sadly it has run out just this week but at least I’m one more closer to having enough empties for a free lipstick. It was perfect for me at the time as I was just starting out with makeup and didn’t want anything too full coverage.


2 // Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one which fits?

-I love trying new mascaras! But the perfect for me is one that mainly volumises but also lengthens. Formula-wise I prefer slightly dryer opposed to super wet/liquid ones. I think that Too Faced Better than Sex has almost perfectly met my specifications. The only thing wrong with it is it flakes off throughout the day. I haven’t yet tried the waterproof version so I hope that one is perfect for me!


3 // What kind of coverage do you prefer in foundation?

-I am beginning to really like medium to full coverage now.


4 // Favourite high end brand?

-Literally the hardest question I have ever had to answer. But i would say MAC. I like a lot of their things ; foundation, concealer, highlight, eyeshadow ETC. I could easily fill a makeup bag with products solely from their brand.


5 // What brands would you like to try but haven’t?

-Tarte and a lot more things from NYX.


6 // Favourite drugstore brand?

-Another tough question! But I would say either L’Oréal or Maybelline.


7 // Do you wear fake lashes?

-Nope! I would like to try a look with them though.


8 // You’re stuck on a desert island and can bring only one makeup item, what do you bring?

– Mascara 100%!


9 // Most cherished beauty product?

-Probably my Marc Jacobs glow stick in Spotlight!


10 // What product do you own the most of?

-Highlight. Liquid lipstick is a close second though!


11 // Favourite place to shop for makeup?

-I L O V E Sephora. I think it is so exciting! Ireland doesn’t have a Sephora so I think that adds to the excitement and exclusivity. But other than Sephora, I really like House of Fraser.


12 // Favourite bath and body brand?

-Easy question!! Lush 110%! I love everything. From their bath bombs to their mouthwash! I love the brands products and ethics, they stand up for a lot of things I believe in and that helps me to love the brand even more.


13 // What brand has the best packaging? 

I looooveee Charlotte Tilbury. Rose gold is just so pretty.


14 // Favourite celebrity eyebrows?

-I think Cara Delevingne’s are my favourite because they’re so naturally amazing! I also love the naturality of Lauren Jauregui’s. Finally I love the shape of Kim Kardashian’s!


15 // Top 5 beauty bloggers/vloggers?

Kathleen LightsTatiSophDoesNailsJames Charles and I have to admit it Little Luxuries by Lynsey.


16// What do you love about makeup?

-Everything. But I mainly love how enjoyable it is. It’s an art which is so limitless and you can create so many beautiful looks which can always be improved upon. Makeup has the power to make you more confident, it also allows you to express yourself. I enjoy how varied everyone’s makeup preferences are. From colours to textures etc. It’s forever diverse and nothing can stop that and I think they are the main reasons why I love it so much!

Thank you for actually reading this post, I promise I’ll try and make future posts shorter! I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to leave me a comment! Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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